NKI Dojo

About National Karate Institute

Brief History:

National Karate Institute opened its door in the late 1960’s in downtown Los Angeles. Master Hidetaka Nishiyama (1928-2008) was the Chief Instructor of this dojo (studio), and karate enthusiasts from all over the world gathered to train under him for over 40 years. The dojo once had over 300 regular students, and among them were the famous national/international champions and current top American instructors.

Due to the city’s new development plan of the area, the NKI was forced to permanently close down in the summer of 2008. Coincidentally around the same time, Master Nishiyama became ill and later passed away.

Without the Master or the facility, it has been a challenge for the remaining students to continue training. However, some of the high rank and dedicated students have continued to offer classes at temporary locations. “It is our responsibility, as direct students of Sensei Nishiyama, to continue training in order to keep his karate alive and to pass it on to the new generations. It is our hope to grow as a strong karate dojo and to re-open a permanent facility in near future.”